Membrane Switch – SensTouch™ Makes Sense

Membrane SwitchMaxtech Circuit (Parent Company ALMAX Manufacturing) signs contract with Vorbeck Materials ( to develop the next generation of Senstouch™ ink. Patented under USPTO 8,368,505B2 Maxtech circuit has created a revolutionary non-tactile membrane switch construction that can be printed on 1 single substrate layer. This construction realize several benefits over traditional non-tactile membrane switches.
  • Lower Cost
  • Higher Quality
  • Faster Closing Switches (similar to capacitive)
  • Naturally Waterproof
  • Ultra Thin Construction
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Latest Technological Advances at MaxTech Circuit

Maxtech Circuit designs and manufactures custom keypads and controls.   Patented and Trade Secret technologies such as SensTouch and MaxFilm can be incorporated into keypad designs for high quality and demanding applications
In addition, to these unique technologies we also offer traditional membrane switches, resistive and capacitance controls, and are a licensee of the Duraswitch line of products.

Integrated Rubber Keypad Assemblies from MaxTech Circuit

Based in Kirkland, WA Maxtech Circuit offers North American engineering support and customer service, combined with multiple manufacturing locations in USA and China.

   Maxtech offers high quantily Integrated Rubber Keypad assemblies.  
  • Flex Circuit (FPC), PCB and Silver Flex substrates
  • Illuminated, non-illuminated
  • Various coating options, polyurethane, paraleene, epoxy hard or soft
  • Metal dome, carbon pill, PushGate switch mechanism
  • Laser etched decoration for backlight illumination.
Please let us know if you would like to see a sample of our rubber keypad product offering.

High Quality Illumination Solutions for Custom Membrane Switch and Rubber Keypad Assemblies.

Maxtech Circuit has the most complete line of membrane switch and rubber keypad illumination options in the market.
From simple indicator lights to evenly illuminated icons and pushbuttons Maxtech can show you examples of all of the options available to allow you to decide what is best for your application.

Please let us know you would be interested in seeing more in what we can offer.

Membrane Switch Solution Provider

Based in Kirkland Washington; Maxtech Circuit offers domestic engineering and customer support combined with world class off-shore manufacturing of keypads and membrane switches.
With 3 wholly owned manufacturing facilities in the USA and China Maxtech can support low to high volume applications and offers quick turn prototyping capabilities.
  • Membrane Switches
  • Silver printed Circuits
  • Copper Flexible Circuits
  • PCB Circuits
  • Tactile and Non tactile
  • Rubber Keypads
  • Capacitive and Resistive

Maxtech Circuit The Preferred Source for Complex Custom Keypad and Integrated Electronic Assemblies

More than simple membrane switches, Maxtech Circuit Interface Solutions provides complete complex custom keypad and integrated electronic assemblies.
  • Mechanical Design
  • Electrical Engineering & Programming
  • PCB Layout & Design
  • Board stuffing, circuit-board assembly
  • Infra-Red Reflow soldering.
  • Injection Molding
  • Plastic or Metal Keys / Housings
  • Rubber Keys / Housings
100% Quality Control Tested

High Quality Custom Integrated Touchscreen and Membrane Switch Assemblies

Based in Kirkland WA, Maxtech Circuit offers North American engineering support and customer service, combined with worldwide manufacturing locations in the USA and China.
Maxtech Circuit manufactures of high quality, Custom Integrated Touchscreen / Membrane Switch Assemblies.
  • Digital Touch Screen (matrix)
  • Analog Touch Screen (4 & 5 wire)
  • Capacitance touch Screens
  • Optically bonded integration with decorative overlays
  • Illuminated graphic options

Please let us know if you would be interested in learning more about our product offering.